by M_Ø T H Ė R

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released April 24, 2017



all rights reserved


M_Ø T H Ė R Surprise, Arizona

hi hi. this is my body and these are the sounds they make. please enjoy.

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Track Name: N i g h t ' s E n d
After an astonishing amount of worn down clocks
I can feel the heart of the earth sinking
Pushed out far beyond my sight
The lights in town waver
Those street lights
Miles beyond what i've ever understood
Are swallowed up
They disappear
Those lights, they flicker like memories of something completely different
Planted by careless hands
They have been withered away with the yearning to grow up
Wanting to model the height of the great pines
We mimic the actions of adults
This clear dry ocean above my head
It floods wildly into the valley of my mind
Searching for the stars in between the black keys
A song modest enough to be precious appears
And sings the song of a future crazy enough to fall in love with me
And my hands will pull back, claiming the sounds i have made are enough
Just for the sake of not being embarrassed
And i wanted this all

The town is silently recalled through our minds while a single foot runs about
Afraid of the lonely night, i ask myself if it is i
the light striking my eye through the window, i ask myself if it means to enlighten or blind
Mistaking it for something,i watched another leap out their second floors to chase it
Even though we all pretended that it existed
If we always thought like that, things wouldn't change for eternity
Without vowing to it, i had already submitted my faith
Washing away any ideas of ice cream or innocence and its faults
If you can find humor in this, i suggest it
But i will flow again
Tilting my head up
At the dark oceans swallowing up any light that leaks in
I am alone
The breath in me howls like a storm through a canyon
In this town, where all light is a myth
To keep my heart
To keep my machine
To keep my death
From breaking
I inbred deep into my dreams

Finally being shined down on, i leaked
The light resting so fragile upon me, i held softly to keep it intact
I gently felt its small heart
Beating violently
My eyes open, and i see my hands choking all that i had sought to find
In a town where the light has vanished
I find myself as the murder
To keep my heart
To keep my machine
To keep my death
I had played only the best parts of the victim and attacker


Finally, at long last, after so long, the world swallows itself once again
The night

When the sun begins to rise
I am all alone
When the sun comes round
I began to shine
When the sun says hello
The bells began to chime
At night's end
an uninspiring future chases itself again
Track Name: H e a l t h y E n d
In that seasonal heat, I imagined how comfortable six feet under was
I mouthed those words, but I never wanted to speak them
I held softly that idea
Till I found what was outshining the horizon
All of our reasons, different but exactly the same

I wish courage grew from my head, turned grey, and wilted
And people fell in love on high rises, and float down in a similar way
“Pondering leads to drowning” the same song written by thousands
That train has already left
A fruitless endeavor, is the reason I breathe

The spectrum of my world, painstakingly portraying my portrait
A hidden place, deep inside of my ribs

Old calendars, with dates of precious growing pains circled
The sky will soon come flooding down onto us
What a way to set the stage, for we odd performers
Scratches dancing on our skin, in the hopes to strengthen

Recreating ideas of the final scene nightly
I dream of you loafing about in the deepest thoughts of mine
“To look back is to kick the chair” yes, that's how the outro goes
I've been walking down those tracks for a while, what if i choose the wrong way
What do i do

The morals of loved ones holding me down by the wrist
An island in a crowd, so far away

The silence that I used to see through
Is unexpectedly screaming
How did this slip between my digits
Was to late

Intimate ideas, shared via the air we breathe
Goodbyes echoing around my head

I'm going to find that fish in the sky, and it will take me so high that I won't hear those morning for me
I will move on to the applause
Track Name: S t r o b e H e l l o
as it revealed itself to you yet
I've found train tracks that cascade
In the direction i've always talked about
I'll be the one who leaves this time

Of course
The concept had already graced me
I am still the same chores
Ill turn my heels to the sunset,hopefully
In a year that's not on my calendar

My friend, what's slid between your digits is
The obscurity of your mind, perverted by pain
Of course, this truth, makes you flee again

Currently, i had a grin
I let my lungs fuel a rotting brain
And i exhaled
And that was simply it

If i could translate every exhale of a person's life into paragraphs
(wed imagine ourselves)
Id imagine myself skipping on the tongues of everyone for eternity
As if becoming the language you inherit

If i do ever start skipping down those tracks
Regardless if we share common tongue
(a truth)
Here's this poem to mend both of us
So that you may learn to grin
Track Name: G o o d B y e
I have been a shack on fire amongst mansions in atlantis
I don't let my flames lick my neighbors, I will rejoice in silence
This mania is the myriad
becoming what you are
To avoid what they aren't

Thinking much less sketchy, more like humble masterpieces
The inner meaning,already has it shed its secrets to me
This ending was just the beginning in disguise
This mania is the myriad
No need to lie, dream during the day
To avoid what they aren't

I can only grip onto the crevices that hold me up, the ledge eludes me
That recurring heart rate, impaling
The static and the blindfold
Every path is purposeless, everything is perfect
Track Name: T w o B r e a t h s W a l k i n g
My heart rate
remaining the same since birth
This is in fact
the first time
That it has ever spiked

Because my digits have the elasticity to curl
My stilts taxie me on this earth
Because my ears have only heard my tune
My lungs yearn to breathe in sche

“Excuse me mother

but i have found the minnow amongst the sharks”
And she claps mechanically

I dream of you when i'm awake

Whose breast have we been monopolizing all this time
And was i the one to leave all these sores
This language we inherit
Do we truly understand it

“Child,you've done so well!”
“Ahh, well i'll be going then”
This taste is foul

My hands cupped to fish you out
The digits repurposed to adore you

These shovels grown from me
Reached out to hurt you

This language i studied intensely for
Only gives me more ways to dissect you
Chipping away at your life

Well Darling
Before you push into my hand me down wound any further
Let me inflate your lungs one last time

This important but thoughtless act

Allowing us to live off of each other's recycled air
All our words
They melt into each other's saliva

Right now
Take one last deep breath and Vacuum out all the air in the world
“I love yous” have become unnecessary
After all we have become each other's oxygen tank
No need for muttering
Your last breath is also mine